About NPM

NPM is a full service property management agency with a specialised focus on the central city and inner city fringe regions of Melbourne.

Our Evolution

Backed by a wealth of experience across all aspects of residential real estate, NPM’s leadership team have been key stakeholders and advisors in some of Melbourne’s most iconic and comprehensive residential and mixed use developments. Specialising in the CBD we currently manage properties in 27 of the city’s leading buildings.

This appreciation for the dynamics of the city and the operation of its real estate markets led to the realisation there was an absence of specialised expertise in the medium and high density real estate services sector.

NPM was founded against a recognition that Melbourne is now taking its place as a Global City, and that the medium and high density market will be the driver of the next phase of our dynamic home town.

Our understanding of the domestic and global influences affecting the city, and how these impact at a suburb, neighbourhood, building and individual property level, differs from the traditional agency. It allows NPM to combine big picture thinking and market knowledge to drive a new narrative in the property management sector in pursuit of the highest and best client outcomes, across all price points.

We understand that in a dynamic and increasingly global market real estate firms must do more to inform and educate clients of the influences, trends and events that affect their properties and investments. NPM takes a strategic approach to client services, leveraging our internal expertise, broad staff backgrounds, intellect and extensive market contacts to drive results.

Welcome to NPM.

Local Outcomes in a Global Market.

4 April 2018

Melbourne & Apartments – Time for some Perspective

There is, in essence, no such thing as the 'Melbourne apartment market'. It is frustrating for us to witness many...

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