NPM engages actively with buyers to ensure all aspects of your purchase decision are supported.

Identifying your requirements and buying property can be a complex process.

Once you have decided to move towards purchasing your next home or investment property, our team can assist you understand the market and identify neighbourhoods, buildings and individual properties relevant to your needs.

Our guidance through all aspects of the transaction is backed by extensive research, networks and high-level market engagement to ensure the process is as transparent, rewarding and easy as possible.

Buying a property?

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Buyer Assistance

With a focus on the bigger picture, NPM provides a holistic approach to supporting your purchase process:

Access – Via multiple listing systems and bespoke client engagement, we ensure you have access to every available property within our sphere of influence.

Knowledge – Melbourne has one of the most dynamic residential property markets in Australia, particularly within the central and city fringe. Our industry-leading understanding of the forces influencing the performance of buildings and individual properties in and around central Melbourne can add value to your decision making process. This assists you make the most educated acquisition of your next home or investment property.

Support – The purchase of a property can be a daunting experience. Should you require, we will accompany you through each stage of the process, from assisting you in determining key considerations and requirements, through to identifying target locations and properties. Our extensive network of leading solicitors, conveyancers, mortgage consultants and trade based services are available to make your purchase, financing, settlement and relocation as comfortable as possible.

International Buyers – There are enforced laws governing the acquisition of Australian property by foreign purchasers. The ability of foreign purchasers to buy Australian property depends on the nature of the property and residency status of the purchaser. NPM has close relationships with leading property solicitors, migration agencies and financiers able to fully analyse each buyer’s status and ability to purchase Australian property, including the management of any required FIRB application.


To initiate a conversation about how NPM can assist you unlock your next acquisition, feel free to submit the form at the bottom of this page or contact Sam Nathan or Alex Martini directly at:

Phone: +61 3 9329 9432
561 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000


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