Complaints & Dispute Resolution Process

In the event an issue emerges for whatever reason, you should first raise your issue with the agent, representative or property manager who is handling your engagement or relationship. The NPM team member will work with you to identify and issue and rectify as required.

Should you not be satisfied with the outcome from the approach to your NPM contact, you can forward your concerns to us as per the following details, or to informally discuss and aspect of your concern:

Bianca Argyropoulos
Operations Manager
561 Little Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: +61 3 9329 9432


We would be grateful if you could provide as much detail as possible about your circumstances and complaint.

Complaint Procedure

NPM is responsible for working with you and relevant agency staff, to ensure that the issues you raise are fully examined and that your complaint is handled appropriately with a view to a successful resolution.

We will treat the complaint procedure, and all the details of your circumstances, in strict confidence between only the relevant parties. Should, for any reason, we need to discuss any matters arising from your complaint with someone outside of NPM, we will be sure to obtain your consent prior to doing so.

We would appreciate you making your initial complaint as clear as possible. Depending on the circumstances of the matter, we may seek to meet personally to discuss your concerns and try to identify a satisfactory solution.

Time Period

We will endeavour to resolve your complaint as soon as possible. However, how long this takes will depend on the nature and complexity of the issues you have raised, and the circumstances surrounding them.

Once a complaint if lodged, we will send you acknowledgment of its receipt within three business days, from which we can commence seeking a resolution.


If we determine your complaint is justified, we will then consider what course of action, if any, we should take in response. We will always try to match our response to the nature of your complaint and your desired outcome, however this may not always be possible.

Some actions we make take in response to your complaint include:

– Take the steps considered appropriate to rectify the problem or issue you have raised.
– Provide you with additional information or advice so you can understand what happened on the particular occasion, or how we have dealt with it.
– Take steps to review/consider and/or change our policies or procedures if your complaint identifies a meaningful problem in the way we are doing things.