Our insight and perspective adds value to project outcomes.

With our senior team having been involved in the conception, advisory, sales, leasing and property management of some of Melbourne’s most iconic projects, our understanding of the market and context of each project is powerful.

Our experience across all stages of project execution, understanding of market dynamics and the influence of local and international factors, can add significant value to your project team.

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Adding Value to Project Outcomes

We understand that successful sell-down, consistent and educated market messaging and strong purchaser engagement is critical to the legacy of new projects.

By leveraging our thought-leadership assembled at the cutting edge of the market, we work closely with key stakeholders and development teams to add value to projects. Even if we haven’t formed part of your initial sales and advisory team, our ability to enhance stakeholder awareness and purchaser engagement can add significantly to the back-end of a project.

Back-End-Project Sales

The back-end is a critical period for new projects. Developers with unsold stock at completion and returned product that has not settled require a work-through solution.

Strong purchaser interaction is required to engage the local market when the benefits of the off-the-plan campaign are no longer apparent. Experience confirms the final sell-down of residual stock benefits with the capacity to work patiently and with determination, and accurately portray the narrative of the project to the market.

Our ability to identify project points of difference and talk with conviction about the market has seen our sales team work successfully with developers to clear stock overhang within new buildings.

Nomination Sales

NPM is highly aware of the need for developers to understand the settlement position of their off-the-plan purchaser clients, and identify and act on any risks as early and efficiently as possible.

NPM Nominations engages directly with key project stakeholders to assist in the identification of risk, setting of client communication and exit strategies to assist developers work through any potential risk elements. Our experience at the highest levels of market and project advisory and broad connections allows for a sophisticated dialogue and work-through process well beyond the previous alternatives in the market.

Ensuring transparency, consistency and successful outcomes is key at the back-end of every individual project. NPM Nominations can add value to the position of the project team.

Property Management & Purchaser Engagement Solutions

By engaging closely with local and international developers, builders, project managers and settlement teams, NPM has quickly established a reputation as a expert in the leasing and ongoing property management of some of Melbourne’s largest and most dynamic central city and city fringe developments.

We assist developers better connect their projects with local and international purchasers via education and strategic thought-leadership, adding value to developer-purchaser relationships through education and big-picture thinking. This creates the opportunity for all parties to establish a higher level of market awareness through our unique perspective and market narrative, adding insight and value to all stakeholders.

NPM’s early engagement in a project has several advantages for all parties, complemented by commercial benefits to the developer.

We would be delighted to discuss how we can increase your engagement with purchasers, and  assist you in leveraging your next project to the market.

Non-Traditional & Rent Guarantee Stock

NPM has extensive experience in the management of Rent Guarantee apartments that create a financial liability to the developer.

NPM engages closely with all project stakeholders in undertaking comprehensive analysis to determine potential financial metrics and liabilities, the setting of appropriate rent guarantee payment structures, and facilitating appropriate marketing, rental pricing and leasing strategies to minimise developer exposure.

To initiate a conversation about how NPM can assist you unlock more project outcomes, feel free to contact Managing Director Sam Nathan directly at:

Phone: +61 3 9329 9432
Email: sam.nathan@npm.com.au
561 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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