The Human Side of Selling

Residential real estate remains a highly personal asset. Much of the time in the investment market, but always in the owner occupier context. As we continue through unprecedented technological innovation, new ways of exposing properties to the market and attracting leads, we see all too often the human element can be overlooked.

At a time where so many components of life are de-humanised, the ability to fully engage at the personal level is critical. In the apartment market this is heightened. The market remains relatively young, many parties (both buyers and sellers) are not as familiar with the nuances of the apartment market relative to freestanding houses, buildings are often not fully established and there are often many more factors either currently or likely to influence the performance of a particular property in the apartment market as opposed to the traditional housing market.

As we worked through the market and its broad price points in 2017 (NPM secured sales between $250,000 – $8M) consistent themes emerged. The key to true engagement and representation of  the full narrative and context of a building and individual apartment to the market is not the personal hubris of the agent or campaign, but the ability to demonstrate a holistic 360 degree perspective of all aspects of, and influences affecting, the property and its position in the market.

In an increasingly dynamic but still maturing owner occupier apartment market, it is our experience that the ability to engage with buyers at a higher level of knowledge, and in a customised one-on-one basis to build trust and generate genuine engagement, is critical in successful outcomes. Important to purchaser messaging through the sale campaign and negotiations are not only the current market circumstances, but projecting the longer term position of the location, building and attributes of the property as Melbourne matures further to a World City. The higher the value proposition the greater the stakes, and the more sophisticated the level of understanding is required in order to make informed decisions.

Our collective experience across some of Melbourne’s largest and most highly regarded buildings has reflected one ongoing element to our engagement…the enjoyment in assisting clients understand the market and working through to desired outcomes.